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Smalz Design

This is the first design that I did for my business smalz design

Trey Songs

This is a picture of Trey Songs, one of my favourite artists. He is a great R and B artist which is one of my most listened to type of music.

Photo Editing

Love that Photoshop, this is just a little editing done to show Smalz Design. This is just done for fun

Photo Editing

Editing Done in Photoshop, this is who I am a proud Jamaican.Great effect

Mello Fm Christmas Cards

This was done by Donique Dwyer as a Christmas Card

Mello Fm Daybreak

This was done for one of the personalities on Mello FM

Save our Planet

This is a poster that I did following an online tutorial

This was done by mixing two different images together

this is a background

this is done by smalz design for fun