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My Married Boyfriend

How could this have happened?

How could I have fallen in love with a married man.

It wasn't my fault,he did tell me he was married.How could I have known?

There was not evidence of her at his house, no! I can't blame him cause I was so open, so loose. I must admit that charm was captivating his sweet words, tender touch, smoothing music,campaign and wonderful trips why would I doubt him in anyway.

He knew he was married why did he come on so strong, couldn't he see how fragile I was.

He just didn't care, he taught of nothing but his stupid ego boosting to his friends about one catch he conquered.

The way he touched, caressed, kissed me. My face, my neck my entire body whether at his house or in his car, no place was ever too small.

Oh how I hate him, no! I wont kid myself, I love him. How I long for his touch to be back in his arms, no matter how many times his wife wants to call as far as I am concerned I am the bell of his ball.

Who am I kidding, I can't break his family apart, just knowing about me must be breaking her heart.

2 weeks and I have avoided him, not talking his calls and deleted him from all areas of my social life, why then do I feel so sick, so weak, it has been days since I can experience the taste of food, I feel like a love sick teenager. The feeling is unbearable I must see a doctor.

Tears fall from my eyes as I listen to the doctor speak, my knees became so weak oh God! I can't believe this I am one month pregnant for a married man.